Indigenous Strategy

The Office of the Vice-Provost Indigenous Engagement (OVPIE) began on October 1, 2017.  As a new office, they are creating new systems and questioning systems that impede Indigenization and reconciliation.  Generally, strengthening the university by making it more inclusive and welcoming. The process will be inclusive, reciprocal, respectful and done in a good way. The final strategy will promote 'right relations'.

Governance and Building Capacity to Indigenize and Foster Mutual Respect:

The University Strategic Plan 2025 was released in October of 2018. Based on three strong commitments and 12 courageous goals, the University Plan is a forward-thinking, strategic document that guides aspirations for the next seven years to 2025.


Indigenous Strategy Mission

The Indigenous Strategy will help realize the University of Saskatchewan’s vision, mission, values, principles, commitments, goals and aspirations by drawing from the wisdom, knowledges, cultures, traditions, histories, lived experiences and stories of Indigenous peoples.

nīkānītān manācihitowinihk in Cree and ni manachīhitoonaan in Michif ("Let us lead with respect”) will inform the creation and implementation of the Indigenous Strategy. The Indigenous Strategy will strengthen the University of Saskatchewan as it will ensure that work is done ‘in a good way’.

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