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Indigenous Engagement







The University of Saskatchewan is dedicated to Indigenous student success, to fostering meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities and to promoting Indigenous knowledges and scholarship. Through collaboration, innovation, respect and humility, the university fosters a welcoming environment that is grounded in the principles of reconciliation and is able to address the calls to action placed on everyone in this country.


tanshi (Tun Shee) Michif
tawâw (Ta Wow) Cree
anin sikwa (Ah need See Qua) Nakawe
edlanet'e (It Lawn EE Tay) Denesuline
hau koda (How Koda) Dakota
welcome (Well com) English


Diversity: It is an Inside Job
 - Elizabeth Duret, Tedx Talk


Office of the Vice-Provost Indigenous Engagement - Strategic Goals:

  • Respectful and constructive engagement
  • Active communications
  • Systemic and systems transformation
  • System-wide learning
The Journey Part 1

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Panel Guests to Follow Candy Palmater at 7:30 p.m.

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“We cannot deem our role in the fostering of a civil society a success unless we become demonstrably and with commitment the best place we can possibly be for the Aboriginal people of this province and this country. None of the rest of it matters—at this point in our nation’s history—if we do not achieve this.”

                                                                                                                     Peter Stoicheff, President of the University of Saskatchewan