deybwewin | taapwaywin | tapwewin Task Force and Advisory Circle

The purpose of the deybwewin (Saulteaux) | taapwaywin (Michif) | tapwewin (Cree) Task Force and Advisory Circle is to create a policy, procedures, and an implementation plan for Indigenous membership/citizenship verification with documentation at the University of Saskatchewan. The task force will develop, lead and guide the USask community through the creation of a policy—as well as accompanying procedures and implementation plan—that will direct an appropriate, informed, and Indigenous-led process of Indigenous membership/citizenship verification with documentation at USask.

The name given to this task force, deybwewin (Saulteaux) | taapwaywin (Michif) | tapwewin (Cree) translates to “truth”.

This task force is chaired by: Dr. Angela Jaime, Vice Provost, Indigenous Engagement (Interim). For information please contact:

Terms of Reference and a full list of the Task Force and Advisory Circle members is available on the Committees page.