The Aboriginal Public Service Executive Series is designed to provide professional development to enhance knowledge and skills within the Aboriginal public service. This program began in March 2015 and is open to Aboriginal leadership, public servants and community members. Some of the workshops are designed to include the participation of senior high school students.


This workshop is delivered by Occupational Health and Safety and Federal Labour Standards.

  • Part II – Occupational Health and Safety
  • Part III – Federal Labour Standards - outlines provisions for minimum labour standards for employers and employees in federal jurisdiction

This workshop provides an understanding to options for accessing money currently held in trust for First Nations. The workshop also provides an overview of the First Nations Oil and Gas Money Management Act (FNOGMMA).

This workshop provides an overview of the agricultural benefits promised in Treaty 4 and Treaty 6.

This workshop provides an overview on:

  • What information is included in audited financial statements
  • What the information in an audited financial statement means
  • How audited financial statements can be used as a scorecard
  • How to use audited financial statements to assess performance and set goals

This workshop is delivered by the First Nations Management Board [FMB] and is Canada’s only legislated body that develops and publishes Financial Administration law. The FMB is an Aboriginal institution that was established under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act [FMA] to build strong governance structures in the area of financial management.  Topics include:  Financial Performance,  Financial Management as well as System Standards for First Nations Governments.

This workshop includes the following topics:

  • Traditional Resource Assessments - Types of Traditional Resources, Methods for Identifying Resources Requiring Protection, Documentation of Traditional Resources, Communication of Traditional Resources, Site-Specific Mitigation Planning for Traditional Resources
  • Types of Monitors and Responsibilities (Cultural and Environmental Monitors)
  • Pertaining Regulation – Saskatchewan
  • Deliverables of an Environmental and Cultural Monitor

This workshop focuses on issues related to the 3rd Party Independent Review of the Husky Energy 16TAN Crude Oil release on the North Saskatchewan River in July 2016. Topics include:  Incident Command / Emergency Response, Water Quality Data, Sediment Contamination Data, Wildlife Fisheries Data, Sample locations and First Nations Lands and Path Forward.

This workshop provides an understanding of the critical state of Indigenous languages in Saskatchewan.

This workshop provides an overview of the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Saskatchewan Region Management Regime. This workshop covers:

  • What is a Management Regime?
  • Systems of Management
  • Program Polices
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Legal Responsibilities

This workshop will cover wills and estates, elements of a will, types of wills, administration of an estate, jurisdiction of issues for an and off reserve people, applicable legislation, invalidity and contesting a will, health care directives, power of attorney, pension plans insured beneficiaries.  

This workshop will develop an understanding of factors for success in Saskatchewan using Economic Development as a framework.

This workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • Duty to Consult
  • Traditional Land Use Planning
  • Elements of Land Use Planning